The Brawn Family Foundation is recognized for creating, developing, and supporting programs and projects that impact the Calgary area by generating opportunities for groups in health, education, or community activities. 


The primary principle for The Brawn Family Foundation is to endeavour to always give back to this community, Calgary as a whole or local. We champion a variety of causes; some on a larger scale, and some lesser known. We seek opportunities to support or create projects for those lesser known, less popular projects, programs, or charities.

We are committed to remaining flexible and open to supporting causes that have a special meaning or significance to the community. It is important to us to emphasize sustainability in our choices, and we look to find a balance between starting a project and having it continue. If there is any questions, concern, or skepticism about a cause, then it will not be considered. All proposals much be registered as a charitable organization with CCRA, and within Calgary and the surrounding area. We only contact proposals that have been chosen to be the successful candidate. 


The Brawn Family Foundation has been involved with many great projects. Below are just a small sample of the organizations that we have been involved with:
Alberta Children's Hospital
Calgary Zoo
Canmore Hospital
Heritage Park
Olds College
Springbank Park for All Seasons
University of Calgary
University of Edmonton
University of Lethbridge
Please note: We do not fund salaries, programs that are NOT registered as a charitable organization with CCRA, or programs outside of Calgary and the surrounding area. 


Please remember, only successful candidates will be contacted. 
We only accept applications from Calgary and the surrounding area. 
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